Leach Assessment Tool

LeachXS Lite is a free data management and visualization tool developed with support from USEPA that provides a clear overview and facilitates interpretation of the results from leaching tests, including the Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) test methods (USEPA SW846 Methods 1313, 1314, 1315 and 1316). The tool provides assistance with laboratory testing, formatted test reporting, and data graphing through on-screen displays and exporting data and figures to Microsoft Excel files.

Leach Pro is designed to assist users evaluate potential leaching of constituents from materials under a range of disposal and use scenarios.  Leach Pro provides all of the data management and visualization capabilities of LeachXS Lite plus geochemical speciation and reactive transport modeling tools to project long-term release under changing environmental conditions. Leach Pro can be licensed by commercial users ($2,500), and by University / Researchers ($1,250).

LeachXS CBP is designed to evaluation waste form performance and cement and concrete materials durability for nuclear waste management applications.   Data management, visualization and geochemical simulation features of LeachXS Pro are included plus models and simulation scenarios for decalcification, sulfate attack, carbonation and oxidation processes under saturated and unsaturated conditions. Please provide the initial licensee information requested in this form, and a representative will contact you to review licensing options for LeachXS Pro